Most of our customer organizations create and manage their own SSL certificates using the Entrust Certificate Services Portal (“Portal”) which represents leading technology in certificate management. They can:

  • Instant - create SSL certificates and receive them immediately from the Portal
  • Flexible - modify certificates during their life-span
  • Recycle - If a certificate is not needed any more the user can deactivate it. The corresponding certificate license becomes available and can be used for creating another certificate (in Pooling licensing model).
  • Secure - create free-of-charge duplicates of wildcard certificates / OV multi-domain certificates / EV multi-domain certificates and in this way have a dedicated private key for each target server with no extra cost. Each copy and its target server are managed in the SSL Portal. This gives security for using wildcard certificates.
  • Consolidate - scan and add other non-Entrust certificates to the Portal for monitoring (from other vendors or made with proprietary PKI). This gives a centralized view on all certificates and reports about expiring certificates.
  • Features integrated to the Portal:
    • Automatic SSL Server Test - Essential monitoring for secure SSL server configurations, a critical component to managing certificates
    • Policy & Best Practice Alerts - Notification when certificates violate policy and best practices
    • Certificate Recycling - Reuse SSL/TLS certificate licenses for cost savings and inventory planning
    • Website Security bundles - Malware detection/remediation, reputation monitoring, vulnerability/app scanning
    • Certificate Discovery - Find and track rogue certificates
    • CT Certificate Import - Query and import certificates from the CT Logs for centralized management (available with Platinum support)
    • Consolidated Management for Entrust & Third-party Certificates - One dashboard to locate, track and fully manage all digital certificates enterprise-wide
    • Configurable Dashboard & Custom Reporting - The information you need when & where you need it
    • ServiceNow Integration - Customize the certificate request, approval, and pickup process on the same system you use for other IT related requests
    • Ansible Integration – Use Ansible to fully automate many aspects of the certificate lifecycle process